Attribution Guidelines

HBCUGO.TV | Content and Brand Attribution Guidelines

The HBCUGO.TV, Brand Attribution Guidelines are designed to help publishers and editors use our content on their platforms with peace of mind and clarity. We welcome such usage but please adhere to the HBCUGO.TV, Brand Attribution Guidelines below to avoid copyright infringement issues.  If you require more details than provided below please contact us here.

1. Maintain Copyright Notices

A. Do not remove or hide any copyright, trade mark or other proprietary notice included with any videos or article content provided on the HBCUGO.TV website.

2. Credit Content- articles / videos to HBCUGO.TV and the authors / content creators with text and or a link to the original content / videos / articles on our platform.

A. If any item of Content delivered by HBCUGO.TV carries an HBCUGO.TV credit or a Third Party Provider credit, and you reproduce a large part of this content on your website, articles, or publications, you must clearly display a credit to HBCUGO.TV or the relevant Third Party Provider. Reproduction of a “large part” shall mean use of Content by incorporating it into the Client Property exactly as it was written or displayed by HBCUGO.TV or by making only small changes to it.

B. You are required to credit HBCUGO.TV for video or live video Content incorporated into your Client Property. Credit to a Third Party Provider’s video may also be required.

3. Livestreams - HBCUGO.TV livestreams may not be reproduced under any circumstances on any media format without a written agreement provided by HBCUGO.TV

4. Attribution to Individuals and Content Details

Where any picture or graphic is attributed to any individual (in addition to HBCUGO.TV or any Third Party Provider), you must clearly and prominently display such attribution and or copyright notices..  

Any questions?

We hope that the aforementioned HBCUGO.TV, Content and Brand Attribution Guidelines should make clear any questions you may have regarding usage of the HBCUGO.TV content and Brand assets. If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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